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Managing Market Risk in Retirement

By David Braun | Oct 6, 2017

How Market Risk Can Destroy Years of Smart Saving Read my most recent featured article on Kiplinger on market risk where I discuss why it’s critical that investors prudently manage volatility, especially as they near retirement and during the early years of drawing on their portfolio.  Take me to the latest article! Market risk can be one of the…

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1-Minute Video Tip: Asset Based Long Term Care

By Mark McMahon | Aug 7, 2017

What is asset based long term care? You might also hear this called “hybrid” long term care. Either way, it can be a very effective way to address one of the more challenging risks facing retirees: how to pay for cognitive or physical care should the need arise.

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Unhappy about some of the recent big bank news?

By Mark McMahon | Aug 2, 2017

If the recent string of negative press related to large banks has you unnerved and more than a little disgusted, here’s an interesting read from Fast Company about one person’s experience making the shift from a big bank. The point is, if you feel like you want to keep your banking at a smaller company that is…

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7 in 10 people failed this retirement income quiz – will you?

By Mark McMahon | Jun 22, 2017

I recently listened to a presentation about Americans’ knowledge of retirement planning tools and concepts. Most surveys focus on the accumulation and growth phase, but this research is different. It looked at the RETIREMENT INCOME phase, also known as the “de-cumulation” or “drawdown” phase, asking more than 1,200 people to take a short quiz. Just…

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1-Minute Video Tip: Create Your Retirement Income Plan

By Mark McMahon | Jun 9, 2017

Why create a retirement income plan? Because a failure to plan is planning to fail! Watch this 1-minute video tip to get started.  

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1-Minute Video Tip: How Solid Is YOUR Financial House?

By Mark McMahon | Jun 2, 2017

How can you make sure your financial house is in order?  Whatever your life stage, we encourage you to think about building a financial plan with three core elements.  Think of each of these as one story of your financial house.  First start with a solid risk management foundation. Next, address growth to provide for…

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The 4 Pillars of a Retirement Plan

By David Braun | May 30, 2017

Read my most recent featured article on Kiplinger where I discuss the FOUR essential pillars of a well-structured retirement plan.   When thinking about retirement, most of us tend to focus on income. While income is important to ensuring a secure retirement, there are other factors that enter into the equation that can also dramatically impact your…

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Are You Overestimating How Much Risk You Can Stomach?

By David Braun | Apr 25, 2017

I will occasionally be writing pieces on retirement planning and financial matters for Kiplinger. Read the first article here! When investors ask themselves how much risk they’re comfortable taking, they’re probably not answering the question in the right way … and it could cost them. While it often does not get enough attention from many…

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