It is important to feel you have control over your future, especially with regard to income in retirement. At David Braun Financial & Insurance Services, Inc., we offer our experience and knowledge to help you design your own strategy for greater financial independence in retirement.

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I. Retirement Income Analysis

Without a retirement income analysis, it is difficult to know if you will have enough income in retirement to last as long as YOU last, which is easily the No. 1 concern among retirees today.

We send you the fact finder — you complete the fact finder and return it to us, and we will provide you with our retirement income analysis.



II. Report on an alternative approach to long-term care insurance

Individual long-term care policies can be expensive, and if the insured never uses benefits of the long-term care policy, he or she may feel it was a lot of money out of pocket. Also, the premiums of a stand-alone long-term care policy CAN increase in the future — the premium amount is not guaranteed.

This report discusses the strategy of how to use retirement assets to purchase an annuity or life insurance policy with a long-term care rider that provides coverage for qualifying long-term care needs. No long-term care insurance out-of-pocket premiums. If long-term care help is not needed, or if the benefit is only partially used, the remainder passes to beneficiaries at the insured’s death.



III. Retirement Income Planning Checklist

Historically, the United States had three strong legs of the retirement stool: a well-funded Social Security system, substantial corporate pensions with retiree health benefits and, ideally, a strong personal savings rate. Now, the responsibility for providing retirement income is largely up to individuals. Because defined contribution plans are more common today, individuals have a greater responsibility for saving for their own retirement. The booming population now coming of retirement age faces additional challenges when it comes to creating a retirement income to support their desired lifestyle. In this useful report, you'll learn 10 things to consider when working with a financial professional to develop a retirement income strategy.



IV. Managing RISK in Retirement

The “Managing RISK in Retirement” report shows you how to take steps to reduce risk, discussing the possible downside of not paying attention to risk and offering some strategies for helping avoid and minimize risk.

This report demonstrates:

  1. How difficult it is to make up losses. You can NOT make up a loss with a gain of the same percentage because the gains are on a reduced balance.
  2. How to make TIMING — the most important factor in retirement income planning — work in your favor!
  3. How to avoid losses entirely, while still getting reliable returns with no market exposure or risk.
  4. How to set up guaranteed* lifetime income with no risk of outliving that income.
  5. How to receive a guaranteed* growth rate on that lifetime income locking in as high as 7 percent** per year.
  6. How to apply these strategies WITHOUT large fees.


*Guarantees are backed by the financial strength and claims-paying ability of the issuing insurance company.

**Interest will depend on the terms of the annuity contract and may include an initial bonus, and represent the guaranteed interest rate before withdrawals or before annuitization begins, or your income based on account value. (Bonus annuities may carry higher fees and charges than annuities without the bonus feature and may not pay the bonus in case of early withdrawal. Excess withdrawals and any withdrawal prior to age 59½ may significantly reduce the guaranteed withdrawal benefit amount and be subject to an additional 10% federal income tax penalty. Withdrawals can reduce the living benefit and death benefit of the contract. Cancellation of contract during penalty phase may result in a loss of up to 15% of principal.

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